While Akkad of northern Mesopotamia and Sumer of southern Mesopotamia established their hegemony over the region, the central powers of Assyria and Babylonia also began to exert their powers as well. The regional dominance of the northern Akkadians and southern Sumerians came to an end with the rise of the newly founded Empires of Assyria and Babylonia.

The well trained troops of Assyria took over the territories governed by the Akkadian Empire amid its succession dispute, henceforth establishing the mighty Assyrian Empire at the course of the 8th Century B. C. The renowned Assyrian infantry showed off its great prowess to all of Near East, parts of Palestine, and all lands of Egypt. The Assyrian military introduced the war chariots for the first time in history and they also fought with long spears, which became the predecessor of modern spears and pikes. And the central Assyrian government was formed through the high council of war chiefs and the king was its representative and its leader. However the brave and militant Assyrian kings and their men could not penetrate the central City of Babylon, and they could not subdue it.